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About ESC Group

ESC officially started in 1991 in Singapore by the founding fathers – Milton Colson, a builder from New Zealand and John Yeates Sr., an Engineer from Australia. Milton Colson has passed on his responsibilities to his son Bruce Colson while John Yeates Snr. remains involved in operations of the company. Since 1994, ESC has expanded gradually across the world. Currently, it has its manufacturing and engineering offices located in close to twenty (20) countries.  ESC Group is well established in Asia, the Middle East, Oceania and the America’s in particular.

ESC Group is also an affiliate company of Japan-based Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. (MISI), one of the largest steel trading companies not only in Japan but globally. ESC Group and MISI have over 10 years of successful business relationship.  With MISI’s worldwide network, logistics, finance, and human resources, ESC has strengthened its capacity to cover and establish a bigger stronghold in the global market. This allows larger project volumes and values to be carried out. The two companies are like-minded and are both success-driven corporations hence a rock-solid and fertile partnership continues to blossom.

ESC Group
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Further to simply supplying products we at ESC take a different approach to piling which is tailored to the customers’ requirements. ESC believes that just supplying a product is insufficient and we strive to provide a level of support that is beyond customer expectations. This support ranges from general advice on the Client’s options to full engineering support and design. ESC has amongst its division’s expertise in marine equipment, corrosion, trench safety and structural steel fabrication.

When it comes to quality services, ESC Group has all that is required to provide complete customer satisfaction. It has a team of experts in steel piling, marine equipment, corrosion, trench safety, pvc sheet piling and structural steel fabrication in every continent.

ESC has successfully diversified in the last decade into structural steel fabrication, synthetic sheet piling, cathodic protection, mooring bollards, and marine fender systems.  Furthermore, all ESC products are produced and designed in accordance with the latest international standards (ASTM, AS/NZ, BS EN, DIN and more) as well as ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems. Other specific standards depending on the client’s needs can be applied on request.

ESC can provide guidance on alternative solutions to the client. Please contact the nearest ESC office to get complimentary advice.

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