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trensh shields/trench box manufacturer and supplier


trench boxes for sale


trench boxes manufacturer and supplier

ESC offers a complete line of safety safety critical shoring products and installation services.

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Trench Safety Solutions


Trench Boxes / Trench Shields  Manufacturer and Supplier

ESC is one of the leading and fast-growing Specialist Trench Shoring Company. ESC’s engineering and construction team are experienced in numerous fields with a reputation built on excellence and a commitment to continuous innovation to provide you, the client, with a combination of high-quality, economical, safe work environment and efficient solutions for many shoring projects.

ESC has fully developed its Trench Shield Series (also known as Trench Boxes) a two-sided, high-quality, and economical excavation support system that provides a safe working environment in trenches up to 5.6m deep. Produced in a 10,000 square meters manufacturing facility in Abu Dhabi, UAE. 

ESC’s trench shields are a heavy-duty robust design designed and manufactured in compliance with both national and International Standards. All shields are certified by third-party professional engineers, following the guidelines and requirements of the European Standards.



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