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ESC group video


Contained in this section are some of ESC's educational and promotional videos, which includes animations, case study videos and promotional materials. 

Trench Shield Assembly and Installation

This edition of our product infographics serves as a comprehensive and straightforward assembly and installation guide of our trench shoring products in a wide range and varieties.

(Approximate Runtime: 4 mins)

ESC Group Corporate Video 2020

Introductory Video of ESC Group: a globally recognized product and service provider with a vast portfolio in Foundation Solutions, Marine Furniture, Excavation and Trench Safety, Corrosion Control, and Structural Steel Fabrication.

(Approximate Runtime: 9 mins)

Our Latest Catalogue


ESC is proud to present its revised General Catalogue for 2020 Edition, containing new products, revised designs and new project details. Download now from the website or complete our customer request form to receive a copy sent to your address.

(Approximate Runtime: 1 min)

ESC Group App Promotional Video

ESC is proud to present its corporate App. Contained is a quick & easy reference to ESC's product range including: Hot Rolled Sheet Piles Cold Rolled Sheet Piles Cold Formed Sheet Piles Tie Rod Systems Corrosion Protection Steel Structure Fabrication & Piling


Accessories Also available are ESC's product drawings, catalogues, videos, photo gallery, contacts and more!

(Approximate Runtime: 1 min)

Steel Structures Presentation


ESC is a global provider of structural steel solutions for: Bridge Structures Pre-Engineered / Prefabricated Steel Building Heavy Structures Offshore Structures and other types of structures.

(Approximate Runtime: 4 mins)

ESC Trench Safety - Trench Shields (also known as Trench Boxes) Assembly and Installation Video

The ESC trench shield is a safety system that allows workers to enter and work within an excavated trench. If there is any soil movement or collapse, the ESC shield will protect the workers and allow them to exit the trench safely. Here is a presentation on how you assemble and install ESC Trench Shields.

(Approximate Runtime: 5 mins)

ESC Group Corporate Video

Introductory Video of ESC Group: a world leader in innovative, economical and engineered foundation solutions.

(Approximate Runtime: 8 mins)

ESC Projects Presentation 2016


See some of our recent and also our historic flagship projects. Also featured are manufacturing facilities and products detail.


(Approximate Runtime: 87 mins)

Z Sheet Pile Cold Rolling Process


Ever wondered how ESC Z Sheet Piles are rolled? View this video here to gain an appreciation of the rolling stages and machinery.


(Approximate Runtime: 3 mins)

OT2 Port of Fujairah ESC Tubular Combination Wall Installation


One of ESC's flagship projects has been the design and fabrication of the ESC Tubular Combination Wall System complete with Tie Back Anchorages. See here first-hand the site installation to construct the Quay Wall. ESC has been awarded several projects in this area over the last two decades.


(Approximate Runtime: 10 mins)

ESC Cold Formed Sheet Piles Production Animation

Simple to follow animation with real-life production videos of ESC Cold Formed Sheet Piles.


(Approximate Runtime: 2 min)

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