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marine fenders supplier


Marine Systems

Utilising its global network, ESC is able to provide marine fender international and mooring bollard systems.


mooring bollards and marine fenders supplier

ESC Marine Systems

Marine Mooring Bollards & Marine Fender Systems​ 


​ESC offers high-grade mooring bollards and marine fenders which are designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards and guidelines.

Mooring Bollards 

Marine bollards provide a simple yet efficient method for fulfilling mooring requirements to allow safe securing of vessels next to jetties, wharves, berths and dolphins in ports and harbours. ESC can offer a wide range of cast iron or steel bollards in various sizes, grades and capacities. 

Mooring bollards are manufactured with ratings from 10 to 300 Tons and many different types - the T-Head bollards, T-Horn bollards, Kidney bollards, Cleat bollards, Double Bitt bollards, Single Bitt bollards, and Pillar bollards.

Marine Fender


ESC has strategic partnerships with PIANC registered manufacturers with over 20 years of experience delivering marine fender system solutions to Asia, North America, Central & South America, Europe and Middle East. ESC's global network provides an end-to-end solution that is customized to project requirements providing detailed support in close proximity to its valuable clients.

Marine fenders have a variety of over 50 profiles, 5 rubber grades, and types such as the Cone Fender, Cell Fender, Element Fender, Arch Fender, Cylindrical Fender, Square Fender, Pneumatic Fender, and Foam Filled Fender.

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