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ESC’s Marine & Foundation piling product range consists of Steel Sheet Piles and Vinyl Sheet Piles, Combination Wall, Steel Pipe Piles, Strutting Systems, and Tie-rod Systems.

Steel Sheet Piling


ESC’s 450 profiles of sheet pile is the largest range in the world. ESC has supplied sheet piles from as few as 8 tons to as much as over 20,000 tons for port and harbour structure projects, river revetments, retaining walls, cut-off walls, slope protection, and cofferdams.

Vinyl Sheet Piling


Vinyl Sheet Piles completes the product line of sheet piling solutions from ESC. These materials are designed to address corrosion issues on steel with a promising life span of over 50 years in terms of structural integrity and appearance.

Combination Wall System 

ESC Combination walls have 2 types: H Pile combi-wall and Pipe Pile combi-wall. Combi-walls are employed when standard sheet piles do not have the strength against design load requirements for deep ports and alike.

Steel Pipe Piles


ESC produces a wide range of steel pipe piles of up to 4,267mm diameter and 100mm thickness by LSAW, SSAW and ERW manufacturing processes. In 2015, ESC delivered its longest pipe pile so far at 65m length, which was successfully delivered and installed off a 50m high crane in an offshore application. Another recent order of pipes has a record of 120 metric tons per piece.

Strutting System

Strutting systems such as the pre-fabricated ESC-PST series are introduced to supplement ESC’s sheet piling solutions. ESC is experienced in both conventional and unconventional strutting design and has successfully completed complex projects requiring innovative approaches to strutting design and installation.

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Piling Solutions



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ESC is a premium provider and installer of imported and domestically manufactured steel sheet piling, tubular piling & more.

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