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ESC has come a long way to becoming a globally recognized company that offers foundation and structural solutions to ports, bridges, buildings and more. The company’s expertise in engineering and design, project management, research and development, manufacturing, and construction is simply one of the best out there as a result of strong work ethic, training and a commitment to continuous advancement and excellence.

ESC has been serving various global industries over the last 30 years, providing high quality complete foundation and structural solutions to ports, bridges, buildings and more. With strategically located manufacturing and engineering offices around the world, ESC is well positioned to provide an unparalleled combination of services and products. 

Since its creation, the company has grown to be a global company that has provided its products and services to every continent on the globe.  Its first sheet pile was driven at the Magnetic Island, Australia in 1986 and from there expanded internationally by establishing its manufacturing and engineering offices in strategic locations around the world.


ESC believes that simply supplying a product is not enough and therefore we strive to provide a level of support beyond customer expectations. This support ranges from general advice on the client’s options to full engineering support and design.

ESC’s Marine Systems division has over 20 years of experience in delivering mooring solutions such as fenders and bollards, and corrosion-protection systems. Marine ESC has strategic partnerships with PIANC-registered bollard manufacturers which have been instrumental in our success in delivering valuable services worldwide.

ESC takes pride in being one of the top providers in structural steel fabrication around the world. Our contributions are mounted not only in major construction works but in flagship projects in many countries and different regions. Our capabilities include but not limited to: Pre-engineered/Prefab Steel Building, Offshore Steel Structures, Heavy Steel Fabrication, Pressure Vessels, and Material Handling Structures.

Piling and Foundation Solutions is the group’s earliest fields of competence.  ESC is a pioneer of wide profile cold-formed sheet piles with global patents. ESC’s sheet pile product line currently

incorporates Hot Rolled Sheet Piles, Cold Rolled Sheet Piles, Cold Formed Sheet Piles, and assortment of profiles in vinyl material. Added to the sheet piles are a wide range of LSAW, SSAW, and ERW steel pipes are manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies. Thousands of tons of our steel pipes have been supplied around the world to sustain projects such as ports and harbors, jetties, shipyards, offshore platforms, urban civil structures, and more.


As a steel specialist, ESC also provides the best-added value to our products by incorporating the best and economical designs of corrosion protection and coating systems.

ESC will continue to provide several high-quality engineered systems to port, pier & harbour construction, temporary and permanent excavations, flood protection, slope protection, permanent sheet pile basement walls, cut-off & containment barriers, offshore structures, steel bridge structures, and industrial structures.

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