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ESC Times June 2023 Edition

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

ESC Group: Building the Future with Expertise and Complete Engineered Solutions

ESC maintains a strong commitment to empowering a more sustainable future by providing complete engineered construction solutions that increases efficiency and reduces risks in projects.

Unexpected socio-economic distractions especially the pandemic has undeniably altered the way business is done for some time. Political conflicts have also been intervening on-off, affecting economies and commerce negatively. But besides these constraints, social-economic-environmental issues are emerging more critical and still deemed as the main priorities in the next 100 years or beyond. Why so? These three aspects, besides morals, are the pillars of sustainability or sustainable development – a quest for human which is so far a work in progress. Read more….

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We are thankful for courage, perseverance, and patience to establish a company and worked hard to reach goal after another. Mentoring a good number of leaders who are until now displaying the same discipline and compassion towards client and company staff. Now a lot of people benefit from that hard work, as years after, ESC grows into a globally recognized company that offers quality products, services, and job opportunities worldwide.

Thank you for your great heart. Thank you for a life well lived.

Featured Product: ESC Aluminum Trench Shields

With the significant upgrade required on existing infrastructure in the US and the new housing growth the market for trench shoring products continues to look very promising. The vast percentage of trench shoring material us temporary and this allows contractors rental and purchase options.

ESC Trench Shoring Inc., a NAXSA and NUCA member and a recognized provider in the global stage has now launched its latest product line if aluminum trench shields and sheet piles.

Aluminum Trench Sheets

Project Highlights:

Team Spotlights:

ESC Global Gathering 2023 was a 4-day event held from April 17 to 20, bringing together ESC group leaders and key players to gain insights into critical aspects of the business and further strengthen connections.

Overall, the forecasts and plans presented during the gathering were overwhelming optimistic, with upcoming projects in various locations and continued internal and external partnership expected to drive business development.

The team created an unforgettable experience, a lifelong memory of enjoying the activities in the world-class island. Some of which are Parasailing, Helmet Diving, Island hopping, Bar hopping, and more. The fun and laughter shared creates a harmonious and balanced relationship within the team.

With the aim providing a refreshing change of scenery and strengthening the bond. ESC Group (Middle East) hosted another boat party for the team. A recreational activity that bring colleagues of both ESC Steel LLC and ESC General contracting team together.

Employee Section:

Employee Profile:

Get to know ESC Employees

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